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BRM Key Ring

Our Reproduction

In the 1930’s Raymond Mays from Bourne in Lincolnshire founded ERA (English Racing Automobiles) and shortly after the Second World War this became BRM (British Racing Motors)
BRM were to build an all British Grand Prix racing car as a National prestige project.
This culminated in the V12 BRM after the fabulous BRM V16.

A list of the drivers who drove these cars reads like a Who’s Who of every famous racing driver of the time.

Mays was known to have commissioned a small run of commemorative key rings at the time – one of which we have been lucky enough to own for some time together with this charming original signed portrait of him sitting in one of the pre-war cars.

We have had this original key ring enamel reproduced to exactly the same small size and mounted it on a correspondingly smaller and thinner leather fob.
The enamel’s National colours of red white and blue are as vibrant as the day the banshee wail of that famous V16 BRM engine was first heard in the testing sheds at Folkingham Airfield.

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We would love to know who ‘Nancy’ was and wonder if anyone has any ideas?