restored and original vintage leather keyrings
for classic cars and motorcycles

Key fob hospital

An example of a restoration

An important part of our business involves repairing the leatherwork of customer’s original keyrings . Remounting an old original hinged enamel badge with a metal loop on top of the badge onto a new leather fob is usually easily done.

In cases where the mounting is broken – we can often inlay the badge into the leather fob. Here’s an example of one of these which was completed recently.

This old Jaguar keyring from the 1960s had seen better days! It had travelled with its owner in various vehicles for almost 50 years and probably hundreds of thousands of miles. It had become a talisman. No wonder the owner didn’t want to give up on it just yet. He wasn’t bothered about the loss of enamel from the badge – you can see just a few fragments of the original red and black enamel still hanging in there.


The badge was removed from the remains of the old leather fob. The original mounting loop was trimmed from the badge. In order to inlay the badge into a new leather fob it was necessary to increase the thickness of the badge to match the thickness of the leather – so a brass shim was soldered onto the base of the badge. 

The brass shim is trued to the size of the badge.


An oversized brass plate is soldered to the badge & shim.


The badge has now been inlaid into the new leather fob which has already been marked out ready for stitching and is being edged with a no.1 edging tool.

Here’s the completed keyfob – now ready for another 50 years of service and another 200,000 miles !