restored and original vintage leather keyrings
for classic cars and motorcycles

Abarth - original 21st Century leather loop strap keyring - brand new item


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Abarth loop strap leather keyrings – we understand that these were marketed by Abarth until fairly recently .

We have just 4 of these keyrings to offer and understand that they are official Abarth Merchandise items which were marketed by Abarth until fairly recently.

They are very well made in genuine tan leather silver embossed ‘ABARTH’ and with a press stud incorporating an acrylic Abarth badge.

The stitching is very precise and the cut leather edge has been treated with black edging compound .

The press stud can be opened to lay the strap out flat as shown in the photos to reveal a clear plastic pocket which is open ended so that details of your car could be inserted ?

Could then be looped over a trouser belt to suspend the key strap & keys from the belt.

In use the total length including the nickel plated splitring is 4″ ( 100mm )

When all 4 keyrings have been sold then this listing will be cancelled.