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NOW SOLD -Abarth - original vintage 1960s vitreous enamel badge inlaid into slimline teardrop keyfob

Sorry – these keyrings have now been sold and can no longer be ordered

We are not licensed by Abarth to reproduce the Abarth logo and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature Abarth keyfob badges with the Abarth logo which have been made by us.

The badges in these 2 keyrings are original items which are around 50 years old.

We have just 2 of these keyrings to offer which have an original vitreous enamel Abarth badge dating from the 1960s . 59/96

How do we know that the badges date from the 1960s ? …………….because they came to us in a small collection of similar small round badges badges and some of those badges were for car models which were only made in the 1960s.

The badges have been inlaid into our slimline teardrop keyfobs in full grain black leather as can be seen in the photos.

These are small badges with a diameter of 20mm  (7/8 inches )  Our regular circular keyring badges have a diameter of 27mm for comparison.

Mounted into our smallest keyfob shape ( slimline teardrop) – this has resulted in a keyring of small dimensions which is ideal for using on a keyring which already contains a modern remote – or with an earlier car of course.

The badges are beautifully produced in genuine jewellery grade vitreous enamel .

Being original badges which are  around 50 years old the nickel plate has worn in places from the raised extreme edge of the badges. This can be seen in the enlarged photos.

Please remember that these are very small badges and appear perfect when viewed at life size with the naked eye. At high resolution in the enlarged photos any flaws are greatly magnified !

When these 2 keyrings have been sold we are most unlikely to ever be able to offer similar keyrings again as these are the only badges like this that we have ever seen.

When both keyrings have been sold this listing will be cancelled- this listing is for just one keyring.