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AGIP – original vintage 1960s new old stock keyring – collector’s item


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An original AGIP petroleum keyring which will have been produced in the 1960s .

We have just this one example of this keyring to offer – when it has been sold this listing will be cancelled .

What a remarkable keyring – and the only one which we have ever listed over the years .

This keyring is in mint new old stock condition and dates from the 1960s .

The vitreous enamel badge is mounted onto a keyfob in black vinyl .

Vinyl keyfobs like this one were only used in the 1960s .

The keyring was produced in England by the well known badgemakers Sculthorp & Co. of Blackfriars Road London .

Sculthorps had ceased trading by the mid to late 1960s so we know that this keyring dates from before then .

AGIP ( Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli ) – the Italian automotive petroleum company were founded in 1926 and were associated with & sponsored Ferrari from 1974 until 1995 .

They also had associations with other Italian makers – including Maserati & Lamborghini .

Their trademark was the six legged dog representing the four wheels of the vehicle and the driver’s two legs with a red flame issuing from the dog’s mouth .

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive .