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Alfa Romeo Milano - early pre-1972 badge keyring



This classic Alfa Romeo Milano enamel badge is produced using vitreous enamel just the same as the original badge and is correct for pre-1972 Alfa Romeo cars.

It features the Arms of the City of Milan which are related to the Crusades – hence the red cross. The green snake is eating a Saracen. The arms are surrounded by Alfa Romeo Milano script in gold and a wreathed border.

We are grateful to our customer Charles who runs a 1969 Alfa Romeo for the following information :-

Nicola Romeo took over the firm in 1920 and at that point the badge changed to read ‘ALFA ROMEO MILANO’.

The wreath was added in 1925 in celebration of numerous victories on road & track.

The badge continued unchanged right up to 1972 when production moved to Pomigliano d’Arco – at which point ‘MILANO’ disappeared from the badge.

This coincided with the introduction of the Alfa Sud – which was built in Naples rather than Milan.

They never produced an ‘Alfa Romeo Napoli’ badge – and simply continued with a straight Alfa Romeo badge up to the present day.

This badge is available inlaid into our teardrop, shield and classic rectangular keyfob shapes and in any of the leather colours.

Red leather seems to be the most popular choice !