Original vintage and restored leather keyrings
for classic cars and motorcycles

Alpina - original brand new genuine Alpina badge remounted onto a new leather keyfob


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An original genuine Alpina keyfob badge which will have been produced recently which we have remounted onto a new leather keyfob as can be seen in the photos.

Just this one keyring to offer- when this keyring with this badge has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

This genuine Alpina keyfob badge is in brand new mint condition .

It came to us mounted onto the original leather keyfob in a very supple grade of leather which was rather too soft for everyday use and had a plated metal ‘shackle’ arrangement for attaching the car keys .

The nickel plated badge has an acrylic overlay and we have remounted it onto a new keyfob in full grain black leather with a conventional 30mm nickel plated splitring for attachment of the car keys.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.