Alvis – Late 1950’s torpedo keyring

Alvis – Late 1950’s torpedo keyring


Leather Colour
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This is our reproduction of an original 1950's Alvis keyfob which we have in our reference collection.

The original 1950's torpedo keyfobs were flawed by the method of mounting of the red triangle badge onto the leather fob. This was achieved simply by clipping the enamel badge to the leather by means of two prongs which pierced the leather and were then folded over.

We know this - because we have had three original examples in for repair where the prongs have broken !

Our reproductions cure this problem by inlaying the enamel badge into the surface of the leather fob as can be seen in the images. The badge is soldered to a thin brass backing plate which is sandwiched between the two layers of the fob and then stitched into the fob.

Available in any of our leather colours - but black or conker brown leather would have been the only alternative in the 1950's. Both of these leather colours are shown in the second image.