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Aston Martin - reproduction of 1960s Manhattan Windsor keyring in genuine tan pigskin

UNAVAILABLE until further notice

We are not licensed by Aston Martin to reproduce the Aston Martin winged logo and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature Aston Martin keyfob badges which have been made by us. 

The keyrings offered in this listing feature brand new badges which we have purchased from Aston Martin Works at Newport Pagnell.

In the late 1960s all Aston Martin keyrings were made by the famous automotive keyring manufacturers Manhattan Windsor of Birmingham – who have sadly been closed for quite some time.

The quality of their keyrings was in a class of it’s own and for this reason Aston Martin entrusted them with making keyrings for their cars.

In the listing photos an example of an original Manhattan Windsor keyring from our reference collection can be seen side-by-side with our reproduction keyring.

The original in each case is on the left hand side.

The originals were made with vitreous enamel badges with a green enamel border – luckily we are able to buy almost identical vitreous enamel badges from Aston Martin for use on our keyrings.

We are not licensed to produce our own.

Manhattan Windsor mounted their badges onto genuine tan leather keyfobs with a pigskin print – not genuine pigskin although Aston Martin did sometimes have keyrings produced in genuine tan pigskin as well at that time.

We have used genuine tan pigskin for our keyrings .

Genuine pigskin is a material of yesteryear – it seems to be no longer available in the grade needed for making keyrings .

The pigskin which we have used is vintage material which we have been able to source from a closed factory in Birmingham .

The original Manhattan Windsor keyrings were embossed ‘TOP GRAIN LEATHER’ in genuine gold leaf on the back of the keyfobs.

Ours are embossed in genuine gold leaf just the same.

Nothing about producing this keyring has been cheap !

From buying the badges in from Aston Martin Works at retail price to sourcing the genuine vintage tan pigskin and having the copper embossing die made together with the relevant tooling.

Manhattan Windsor’s keyrings were of course machine made & machine stitched with a straight cut leather edge whereas ours are individually handmade and hand stitched with the leather edges hand burnished.

These keyrings are as close to the originals as we can produce but with the additional quality of workmanship and materials that we routinely offer 00/85  cancelled 17th Feb 2020