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BMW motorcycle - original BMW domed enamel pin badge keyring


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We do not hold a licence to produce any of the BMW logos or badges and no BMW keyrings offered for sale in this website shop have badges which we have made.

This particular keyring has been made using an original BMW enamel keyfob ‘pin’ badge which is approximately 20 years old.

We are constantly being asked for keyrings suitable for use with BMW bikes.

This request is not helped by the fact that very few keyrings were originally available specifically for use with BMW motorcycles or by the fact that we do not have a licence to reproduce the BMW logo.

We can only make keyrings by remounting original BMW logos or badges .

In that case we have devised this keyring with a remounted genuine BMW badge – and have just this one example to offer at present.

The keyring is small enough to use with a motorcycle – from the top of the nickel plated splitring to the base of the leather keyfob measures just over 3″ ( 80mm) with a width of just over 1″ ( 30mm)

The badge is an original 15mm diameter BMW domed enamel pin badge which we have adapted for inlaying into a hand-cut leather keyfob specifically designed to suit the badge.

The leather we have chosen is our full grain black leather.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled.