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BMW - original 1960s gilt vitreous enamel ( aged and patinated ) badge remounted onto a new leather keyfob


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We do not have a licence to produce the BMW roundel logo .

The badge mounted onto this keyfob dates from the 1960s and is an original vintage item- it was not made by us !

Over the years we have learned that not all of our customers are looking for pristine keyrings with a ‘brand new ‘ appearance !

Time & again customers order a keyring and then ask for it to be distressed or made to look old …………………………

No need to make such a request if you buy this keyring !

The vitreous enamel badge mounted onto this keyfob dates from the 1960s and really does look it’s age.

These old gilt badges usually mellow to an aged appearance over the years as this one has done – this is something which only the passage of time will achieve.

It would be impossible to replicate this appearance by artificial means.

The vitreous enamelling in the badge is in excellent condition but was hand laid enamel with a slight ‘verdigris’ green staining picked up during the original firing process from the surrounding gilt metalwork.

This adds to the ‘aged’ appearance of the badge.

An aged badge like this one could look rather odd mounted onto a pristine new leather keyfob – so we have mounted it onto a keyfob in new full grain black leather but with some characterful graining which looks old.

The splitring is in dull gilt plating like the badge.

If your idea of a keyring is mint perfection – then this keyring is certainly not for you !

However if you have a period BMW motor car which has not been treated to the full indignities of over-restoration then this keyring could really look the part and the appearance of the keyring can only improve with use.

This keyring showcases what we are probably best at – remounting original 20th Century keyfob badges so that they can continue to be used long into the 21st Century.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled.