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BMW Z3M coupe



We are not licensed by BMW to reproduce the BMW logo and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature BMW keyfob badges with the BMW logo which have been made by us.

The badges produced for use with this keyring do not feature the BMW propellor logo and a very limited number of badges were produced in 2015 as a result of a special request for use exclusively with the classic BMW z3M coupe.

Due to the very small number of these cars which were produced – the demand for the keyrings will be correspondingly low !

In that case we only had a very limited number of badges produced ( which was an expensive exercise due to the cost of the die ! )

When all the badges have been mounted and sold then this keyring will be withdrawn from sale.

The inspiration for this keyring came from enthusiastic owners of the Z3M coupe in both UK, Europe & USA .

It was suggested that the design of the keyfob badge should incorporate elements of the coupe logo as represented within the speedometer face of the S50 cars- and that the script should mimic that used for the word ‘coupe’.

The S50 cars were produced in greater numbers than the later S54 cars – but our keyring is intended for use with both models.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the sterling work carried out by the BMW z3M coupe forum website in promoting the model and providing an active forum for owners to communicate within.

We have no connection with the forum.

The badge is available mounted into our teardrop and classic rectangular keyfobs in all the leather colours.

When all of the badges have been mounted and sold then this listing will be withdrawn.