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Bristol - original vintage 1950s keyring - collector's item

NOW SOLD – sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered
We are not licensed by Bristol Cars Ltd to reproduce the Bristol logo and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature Bristol keyfob badges which have been made by us or for us.

This is an original vintage keyring dating from the late 1950s . 

We are also currently offering another similar original Bristol keyfob with the same badge but in well used condition and with a different shaped keyfob ( unless now sold )

The keyring in this listing is an original vintage Bristol keyring dating from the late 1950s or possibly very early 1960s.

Automotive keyrings only came into general use in the late 1950s – so this keyring will be one of the earliest car keyrings made.

The only other example of this keyring which we had ever seen up until recently with this wedge shaped leather keyfob had been a few years ago when a Bristol owner from Leeds sent us the mortal remains of one for restoration. Luckily the badge on that keyring was in good order but the leather fob had disintegrated and we were able to make a new leather fob to the same design.

The keyring in this listing is in very good serviceable condition – the tiny nickel plated badge is in excellent condition whilst the leather fob is in good used condition with good tight stitching and well fitted brass eyelet.

We cannot be certain who made these keyrings for Bristol – but the maker is most likely to have been Castles Unit Development Co. of Castle Gate, Leicester . They were the only concern making keyrings of this quality at that time.

The construction method is very similar to that used for making their famous torpedo keyrings – complete with the brass eyelet.

Most car manufacturers were content to let Castles have a free hand in making their keyrings – with Castles almost universally providing a torpedo keyring with badge to suit.

Bristol Cars were different !

They knew exactly what they wanted and Bristol keyrings from the 1950s & 1960s are like no others !

This design had one of the smallest keyfob badges ever – with a diameter of just 16mm.

Our standard vitreous enamel badges have a diameter of 27mm- for comparison.

If Castles did not make this keyring then Bristol must have had the badges made independently and then commissioned a leather workshop to mount the badges onto these keyfobs.

This is entirely feasible as Bristol commissioned us to make some special keyrings for them five years ago- rather than have them mass produced in the Far East as most other manufacturers now do.

We have owned this particular keyring since 2011 and have only just decided to offer it for sale .

Due to it’s rarity we paid a high price for it at the time which is now reflected in our asking price.

If it was a similar 1950s Jaguar keyring in similar condition it could be worth several times this price – and this Bristol keyring is very much rarer than any Jaguar keyring !

There are probably very few of these keyrings still in existence- particularly in good condition like this one.

Sourcing original vintage keyrings in good condition at an affordable price for cars such as Bristol, Jaguar, Ferrari, BMW, Aston Martin etc has become almost impossible.

This keyring is original & correct for use with any 1950s or early 1960s Bristol motor car and would be the final ‘cherry on the cake’ for that perfect car raising the value of that car way beyond the cost of the keyring.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold then this listing will be cancelled.  00/592       11/20