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BRM - REFERENCE ONLY- original vintage 1950s CUD torpedo keyring - worn condition

NOW SOLD – this original keyring has now been sold to a customer who used to live in Bourne and remembered speaking with Raymond Mays and knew the BRM operation. 

It has been left on view so that others who have an interest in BRM can see an example of an original late 1950s BRM torpedo keyring which is the only example we have ever seen and listed since Classic Leather Fobs Ltd began in 2008 .

The badge on this keyring is the one which we based our reproduction BRM badge on.

This original keyring was collected from a village just to the North of Bourne in Lincolnshire where BRM were based. It may have been saved by one of BRM’s employees.

It is known that Raymond Mays did have some key rings produced at the time. Some of these were distributed during the course of racing activities, whilst others were supplied with cars sold from May’s Garage which was in Bourne.

We have just this one original BRM torpedo keyring to offer – which is the only original example which we ever seen over the last 10 years.

We have held it in our reference collection but have now decided to allow it to find a new home.

This is an original vintage item dating from the 1950s with a vitreous enamel badge mounted onto a genuine leather torpedo keyfob- where will you ever find another of these ?

Made by the famous Castles Unit Development Co. of Church Gate , Leicester – their CUD initials are etched into the back of the badge.

The vitreous enamel badge has intact enamel but the surface has dulled whilst  and the leather keyfob shows the signs of extensive use but is still quite serviceable.

The little leather hinge which secures the badge onto the keyfob is wearing a little thin .

This keyring is a very rare collector’s item which would be suitable for occasional and careful use on Sunday afternoons .

It is a very important historic item and we could not hazard a guess as to how many more of these have survived – very few if any we would think.

We learned a long time ago that many of our customers actually prefer a vintage keyring which looks as though it has had a life ……this one most certainly has – and one can only wonder at the roads and mileages it must have covered over the years- and the circumstances surrounding its original issue or presentation- most probably by Raymond Mays himself to a customer buying a vehicle from his garage or to a friend or colleague at a race meeting.

The condition of the keyring is as a direct result of the considerable use it has had – not caused by neglect .

If you prefer perfection – then this keyring is certainly not for you – but then you will be missing out on owning one of the rarest automotive keyrings of all time.

Our decision to let it go is prompted by us having to regard our keyrings as merchandise rather than our own private collection.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

The original autographed photo of Raymond Mays together with a couple of his race mechanics is most definitely not for sale ……..and we would love to know who Nancy was ….

Graham Wilkins of East Sussex has recently been in contact ( he met Raymond Mays in the late 1960s ) and thinks Nancy may possibly be Nancy Mitchell who used to compete at Shelsley Walsh .

Thankyou for the information Graham !


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