Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

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Keyrings came into general use in the mid 1950’s and suddenly it was de rigeur to place ignition keys onto a keyring.

Most marques were quickly catered for by a number of enterprising firms – mainly in UK. The earliest & most prolific manufacturer being CUD ( Castle Union Developments) of Leicester.
Even they didn’t produce one for Bugatti as sales of the keyfob would understandably be considered few & far between !

The London badgemakers Toye & Co. ( who’s name appears on the back of our original Bugatti keyring badge ) obviously filled the void – but their lack of sales for this keyring are demonstrated by the rarity of those keyrings in circulation today !

The original example which we have ( and upon which our badge is based ) is the only original one which we have ever seen & we had to pay an arm & a leg to secure it .

Available mounted onto our slimline teardrop & classic rectangular keyfob shapes in all of the leather colours.