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Buick - original vintage 'valve in head ' vitreous enamel badge keyring

NOW SOLD – sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

This has to be the most important Buick keyring which we have ever listed and is in a class completely of it’s own.

The badge mounted onto this keyring is an original vitreous enamel badge which will be of quite some age- it has been in our reference collection since November 2010 and we did pay rather a lot of money for it at the time which is reflected in the listing price.

It is the only Buick keyfob badge like this that we have ever seen over the last 10 years.

This badge is in mint condition and measures 1 inch & 5/8″  ( 40mm ) in width – so this is a large keyring but will look perfectly at home in many Buicks which are large vehicles !

We have had to hand cut a special bespoke keyfob to mount this badge onto – so whilst we were at it we have used full grain black leather which is one of the best grades of leather that we have.

This has resulted in a superb Buick keyring as can be seen from the photos.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled- and we do not have any more examples of this badge to mount and list when this one has sold- nor do we expect to find any more soon !

David Dunbar Buick was born in Scotland and then raised in Detroit USA.

He founded Buick and developed a prototype for a cylinder head with integrated overhead valves which he called ‘valve in head ‘.

This was a revolutionary design at the time but the cost of developing the design sadly broke him and Buick.

William C. Durant ( General Motors co-founder ) bought the Buick Co. and wasted no time in putting the new design  to good use immediately in the Buick Model B.

This keyfob badge commemorates the historic design.  00/59        06/20