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Ferrari - one-off badge inlaid into black oak bark tanned hide keyfob


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We are not licensed by Ferrari to reproduce any of their logos and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature Ferrari keyfob badges which have been made by us. 

The keyrings in this listing have a vitreous enamel Ferrari badge which we believe to be a later reproduction of the well known Manhattan Windsor badges which were produced in the 1970s & 1980s.

Just one keyring left.

These keyrings have a genuine vitreous enamel badge which has a very similar appearance & size to those which were made by Manhattan Windsor of Birmingham UK in the 1970s & 1980s & were mounted onto Ferrari dealer keyrings at that time.

We have jut 2 examples of this badge which is believed to be a later reproduction – so just these two examples of this keyring are available.

The badges have been inlaid into new keyfobs in black hide in the well known ‘champagne bottle’ shape which Ferrari used in the 1970s & 1980s.

The leather which we have used for these keyrings is black oak bark tanned hide.

This is the very finest grade of leather which we have and the leather keyfob is bonded rather than being stitched – which is how Ferrari made them at the time.

The splitring is of flat section ( which is what Ferrari generally used at the time ) This splitring is actually plated in genuine gold plate to prevent it tarnishing.

These two keyrings are an excellent alternative to buying an original period keyring – the bonding agents used are rather better than Ferrari had available at the time and these keyrings are considerably cheaper than the originals !

When both keyrings have been sold then this listing will be cancelled .

There have been examples recently of original Ferrari keyfob badges & keyrings in very poor condition fetching very high prices on internet auction sites.

We constantly strive to be able to offer remounted examples of original Ferrari keyring badges- but sourcing good original examples of badges is becoming almost impossible.