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Ferrari - original vintage new old stock 1990s/2000s Schedoni keyring

NOW SOLD – sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

We are not licensed by Ferrari to reproduce any of their logos and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature Ferrari keyfob badges which have been made by us. 

The keyring in this listing is an original vintage keyring which we would think will date from the 1990s or early 2000s.

This keyring is an original vintage item which we would think will date from the 1990s or early 2000s.

It has not been made or remounted by us.

Condition is new old stock – we would not think that this keyring has been used.

The enamel badge is inlaid into a keyfob in genuine tan leather .

The keyfob is bonded rather than being stitched .

This particular design was supplied by Ferrari over quite a long period of time – possibly from as early as the early 1970s right through into the present century.

Made for Ferrari by Cuoio Schedoni Modena in Italy.

Schedoni’s relationship with Ferrari began in the 1970s supplying leather interiors and custom fitted leather luggage sets.

These earlier keyrings did have distinct differences which can be seen in the side by side photos showing an earlier  keyring like the one in this listing together with one of the later ones.

The 1990s/2000s keyring is on the left hand side – this is one of our stock photos and the keyring shown is not the actual one in this listing .

You will notice that the earlier keyfob has leather edges which are properly finished & burnished to a high gloss whereas the later keyfob edges are simply cropped and stained.

The earlier keyring has a more slender ‘neck’.

The links connected to the splitring are totally different – the earlier keyring links are much more delicate and in nickel plate rather than chrome plate .

The link bar on the later keyring is quite a substantial item compared to the more delicate one on this keyring.

Original vintage Ferrari keyrings are becoming scarce – particularly in this excellent condition.

The price reflects what we had to pay in order to put it into stock.

There have been examples recently of original Ferrari badges & keyrings in very poor condition fetching very high prices on internet auction sites.

We constantly strive to be able to offer original Ferrari keyrings and remounted examples of original Ferrari keyring badges- but sourcing good examples of badges and keyrings at sensible prices is becoming almost  impossible.

The keyring in the photos ( apart from the stock side-by-side photo ) is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold then this listing will be cancelled.  00/941      01/21