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Ferrari - original vintage early 1970s enamel badges mounted onto new leather keyfobs



We are not licensed by Ferrari to reproduce any of their logos and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature Ferrari keyfob badges which have been made by us. 

The keyrings in this listing have  original vitreous enamel badges which date from the 1970s .

These keyrings have original vitreous enamel Ferrari badges which were produced in the early 1970s.

We have just 4 examples of this badge which we are offering mounted onto a choice of 3 different leathers as shown in the group photos- all in the familiar Ferrari ‘bottle’ keyfob shape.

The badges will be mounted onto the relevant leather keyfobs as the keyrings are ordered.

Ferrari started to use this ‘champagne bottle’ shape for many of their own leather keyrings ( made by Schedoni in Italy ) and the generous leather thickness which Ferrari used has been matched exactly.

The leathers which we are offering are black oak bark tanned leather ( select black )  dark tan oak bark tanned ( select London tan ) and red saddlery hide ( select red )

The London tan option is as appears in the photos……….this is a darker colour which London tan hide darkens to in use – so we have selected this darker hide to match the vintage badge which will be mounted onto it.

An example of each is shown in the 2 group photos in the listing.

The cut edges of the leather keyfob have been finished in black edging compound – just as Ferrari finished and edged their own keyfobs at the time.

These 40 year old badges are in genuine jewellery grade vitreous enamel and are in excellent condition ( but are not brand new ) and have ‘Made in England’ cast into the back of the badges.

Any modern badge reproductions based on this design ( we haven’t seen any actually !) will be in resin based enamel – not vitreous enamel like these badges ( neither will they have ‘Made in England’ cast into the back of the badges )

In the early 1970s most Ferrari keyrings ( other than those few being produced by Ferrari themselves at the time ) were made in England.

Most keyrings for other European makes of car were also produced in England at that time – it was quite an industry.

These badges will most likely have been made in Birmingham in the jewellery quarter in the early 1970s.

We have only ever seen one complete original keyring with this badge still attached to it’s original leather keyfob and doubt if our badges have ever been fitted to keyrings – they are most likely old stock which was never used at the time – literally time warp items.

That original keyring is currently listed for sale here in this website shop ( unless it has now been sold )

The badges have  ‘SF’ on them – standing for ‘Scuderia Ferrari’.  Scuderia is ‘ a stable for racing horses ‘- Scuderia being Ferrari’s Racing team division.

It is unusual for us to have genuine original Ferrari keyfob badges of this quality to offer remounted onto top quality new leather keyfobs.

Taking into consideration the price which we had to pay for the badges and the very considerable time which we have taken in re-mounting them to such an authentic standard means that these keyrings almost represent a labour of love !

Obtaining original Ferrari keyfob badges in this condition is now becoming almost impossible.

When all the badges have been mounted and sold then this listing for these keyrings with these badges will be cancelled.