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Ford Mustang – original late 1960s vitreous enamel badge with plating flaws remounted onto a new leather keyfob


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We are not licensed by Ford Motor Company or any of their representatives to reproduce any of the registered Ford logos and badge designs.

None of the Ford badges on any of the keyrings offered for sale here in this website shop have been produced by us.

The keyring in this listing has an original Ford Mustang keyfob badge which will have been produced around 50 years ago which we offer remounted onto a new leather keyfob as can be seen in the photos .

Please note that this badge has plating flaws – see comments below .

We have just this one keyring with this badge with plating flaws to offer – when this keyring has been sold this listing will be cancelled .

This vitreous enamel badge is in very good condition apart from some of the nickel plating having flaked off and was made in the days when the vitreous enamel was still being individually hand laid which led to slight differences in depth of enamel and enamel colour – no two badges turned out exactly the same .

As can be seen in the enlarged high resolution photos small areas of the nickel plating on the badge have flaked off – not all c. 50 year old vintage keyfob badges are in mint condition after all those years !

The price of this keyring takes the flaws into account .

This can be seen readily in the enlarged photos but is not particularly obvious when the small badge is viewed at lifesize .

The badge came to us from the closed leather works of Heath Machin in Walsall, England together with several other similar badges – almost all of which have now been mounted and sold .

In the 1960s almost all keyrings and keyfob badges for the world’s cars were made in England – it was quite an industry.

Heath Machin produced their own badges for their own keyrings like this one and also mounted badges onto leather keyfobs for other manufacturers – most notably Melsom Products Ltd of Birmingham.

Heath Machin changed hands in the early 1970s and continued making small leather goods up until the 1990s.

This badge will be original & correct for use with the original 1964-1968 Ford Mustang or the facelifted 1969 -1973 Ford Mustang- or could be used as a ‘retro’ keyring in a much later car.

The keyring in the photos with this badge with plating flaws is the actual one which you will receive .