Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Frazer Nash - vitreous enamel badge inlaid into a torpedo shaped keyfob



One of our regular customers – who is very successful in motor sport and owns Frazer Nash & other interesting cars – recently commissioned us to make him a couple of Frazer Nash keyfobs.

It was not an economical proposition to have just two vitreous enamel badges made specially for him – but he persisted & paid for a die to be made.

Consequently a few more badges were made whilst the badgemaker had the die.
The red vitreous enamelling in the badge was very carefully matched and has exactly the colour & degree of translucency as the original.

Our customer has now given us permission to list this Frazer Nash keyfob which will be on offer until the extra badges which were produced have all been used – when that happens then this listing will be cancelled.

This particular listing allows the badge to be ordered mounted inlaid into one of our torpedo keyfobs.

These are available in all the leather colours but it is thought that the most appropriate colour choice would be green or black.