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Jaguar -classic gilt 1960s 'growler' badge keyring



We are not licensed by Jaguar Land Rover Ltd to reproduce any of the recent Jaguar logos and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature any of those logos.

The keyring in this listing features an historic Jaguar keyfob badge logo from over 50 years ago and this keyring is intended to be used with classic Jaguar motor cars.

It is not our intention that this reproduction keyring could be confused with an original keyring – in which case we do not reproduce any original maker’s name on the back of the enamel badge and the leather keyfob is plainly stamped on the back with our details.

This is our favourite keyring of all time !

It was an original example of this badge which originally prompted us to make our first keyring almost 10 years ago – and this resulted in Classic Leather Fobs Ltd as we know them today.

This image of the growling Jaguar just cannot be bettered – it is one of the most powerful images to have emerged from the world of motoring in the 20th Century.

10 years ago we had the badge produced in its original vitreous enamel on gilt finish and this keyring was ordered by enthusiasts from all over the world. Sadly 4 years ago we found we could no longer get badges made using vitreous enamel badge to this standard.

Attempts to make the badge using modern resin based enamel failed miserably and with great sadness we consigned the keyring back to history again.

We are therefore delighted to have finally managed to have another batch made in the original vitreous enamel.

The vitreous enamel badge that we mount onto this Jaguar keyring is a faithful reproduction of an original gilt keyfob badge from the early 1960s – which can be seen on the ‘examples of original keyrings’ page of the GALLERY on this website.

The face of the Jaguar on the badge is known as a growler. This was the image which Jaguar used in several guises from the 1950s up to the 1960s – this particular one which we have used being possibly the most iconic of them all.

The particular badge used in this keyring is produced in an ‘antique gold’ or ‘gilt’ finish which is very close to the finish used for these badges in the 1960s. In those days the badges received a ‘whiff’ of cellulose lacquer to prevent them from becoming tarnished. In time this wore off & the badge then took on an ‘antiqued’ look. Ours are treated just the same.

Our reproduction captures the wonderful fresh vibrant colour of the translucent red vitreous enamel ground of the original in our reference collection.

We are justifiably proud of this keyring and a customer has described it as ‘Jaguar Jewellery’ !

We hope that in time these keyrings will probably be regarded as post vintage items and will be worthy of inclusion in future editions of Bud Marston’s major work on Jaguar keyrings.

Such a variety of keyrings have been produced for Jaguar motor cars over the years that Bud has found no difficulty in filling a book with information and photographs.

He has spent the last few years diligently researching his subject and uncovering  information about the keyrings and sadly mostly now defunct manufacturers.

A spin off of the book has been an increased interest and demand for vintage Jaguar keyrings .

Looking again at the badge on this keyring it is easy to imagine that the Jaguar is no longer growling.

He is now smiling !

Take a look for yourself and you will see what we mean !

The badge is available mounted onto our slimline teardrop keyfobs in all of our leather colours as shown in the photos.

If you would prefer the badge mounted onto one of our other keyfob shapes – please ask and we will be delighted to make one can be made for you at no extra cost.