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Jaguar Coventry- red growler nickel silver signet ring – collector’s item


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A most interesting item for the Jaguar collector who has absolutely everything apart from a Jaguar signet ring !!

We have no idea how old this signet ring is although it has obviously been produced within the last 60 years or so as the Jaguar Coventry emblem is only of that age .

This is the only Jaguar signet ring that we have to offer – when it has been sold it is gone for ever !

Unsurprisingly this is the only Jaguar signet ring which we have ever listed and have never seen another one in all the years that we have been dealing with Jaguar keyrings .

It is in flawless condition although we would expect that it will have been worn – probably only on ‘special’ occasions though .

It comprises of a nickel silver ring with a tiny vitreous enamel Jaguar Coventry badge mounted onto the ring .

Nickel silver ( also called German silver ) is not actually silver – it is an alloy of copper, nickel & zinc which has a most attractive ‘ soft’ silver lustre .

The ring is marked ‘ NICKEL SILVER’ within the ring together with a capital ‘U’ and arrow symbol which we have been unable to identify.

The nickel plated Jaguar Coventry badge is in jewellery grade genuine vitreous enamel and is in perfect condition – a really beautiful little badge measuring only 5/8″ ( 16mm ) in diameter .

Exactly like the lovely badges which CUD ( Castles Unit Development Co. ) used to mount onto their torpedo keyrings in the 1960s …………….but a smaller edition !

Whether a particular Company produced these signet rings or whether a private individual commissioned just this one to be produced we do not know .

Possibly the badge was silver soldered onto an existing nickel silver signet ring ?

If that is the case then the work has been done expertly .

Maybe cuff links were produced with these small vitreous enamel badges and the badge on this ring began life as a cuff link ?

As regards  the size of the ring – it would seem to be an appropriate size for a man’s little finger assuming it would be an item intended to be worn by a man .

The internal diameter of the ring is ( 21mm )

This is UK ring size W

( USA size :- 11.25 )  ( French & German ring size 65.50 )  ( Italian ring size 25.50 )

Our valuation of the ring does seem a small price to pay for such a rare & lovely item which would be the most wonderful present for the Jaguar enthusiast who has everything…………………..apart from a Jaguar signet ring !

The signet ring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive .