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Jaguar E-Type - 1964 onwards enamel badge mounted onto torpedo shape keyfob



 We are not licensed by Jaguar Land Rover Ltd to reproduce any of the recent Jaguar logos and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature any of those logos.

The keyring in this listing features an historic Jaguar keyfob badge logo produced over 50 years ago and this keyring is intended to be used with classic Jaguar motor cars.

The torpedo keyfob shape can be reliably dated to a narrow band from 1954 – 1963 : so we have always been reasonably sure that the later chequerboard post 1964 E-Type enamel badge did not appear as a torpedo keyring.

There is now some disagreement on this point and a rather grainy photo has come to light showing what appears to be the later chequerboard badge mounted onto a torpedo keyfob.

We are consulting with Bud Marston in USA on this point and will abide by his final judgement when this is made. Bud currently doubts the existence of this badge mounted onto a torpedo fob although both of us have seen original examples of the Jaguar chequerboard design badge made by CUD ( Castle Unit Development) of Leicester UK mounted onto a torpedo keyfob- without ‘E-type’ specifically on the badge. CUD actually introduced the torpedo keyfob shape dubbing it at the time as a ‘key tag ‘.

Bud is an authority on all things Jaguar and is the author of ‘Vintage Jaguar Keyrings’ which is featured at the beginning of the Jaguar section of this online shop.

Maybe there was demand for the E-Type badge to be thus mounted even after the familiar later teardrop shaped keyfobs had ‘taken over ‘ ? We shall probably never know – but in the meantime will continue to offer the post 1964 badge mounted onto a torpedo keyfob as well as the more usual mountings found in the other listing.

Once again – we will only supply this keyfob with our backstamp applied to the rear of the leather fob to distinguish this reproduction from an original. It is not our intention that our reproductions should be confused with original examples.