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Jaguar E-Type - original scarce vintage 1960s keyring - collector's item


NOW SOLD – sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

At first sight this keyring might not look particularly special ……………..

It is however only the 3rd original 1960s example like this which we have ever seen and listed over the last 10 years.

Bud Marston in his ‘Vintage Jaguar Keyrings’ book featured at the beginning of this Jaguar section in our website shop states that E-type keyrings with the early chequerboard motif are rare.

Bud continues to explain that keyrings featuring the term ‘E-type’ may be particularly rare as the term ‘XKE’ was far more widely used – particularly as much of the E-type production was exported to North America where E-types were termed XKE .

The vitreous enamel badge is in excellent condition and the black keyfob is also in good condition.

It must be stressed that keyrings like this one were almost utility items and certainly not made to the standards of quality that CUD were achieving with their Jaguar keyrings a decade before.

Being utility items those few that seem to have been produced were treated as utility items and were probably discarded when the car was sold or thrown away when they became worn with use.

This keyring’s relatively high value is in it’s rarity- not as a result of it’s quality.

This is a rare survivor of an original keyring which would have been used with an E-Type Jaguar at the time – provided the owner of the car could find an appropriate keyring like this on sale at the time or provided by the dealership from where the car was supplied.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled. 00/523          11/20