Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Jaguar - 'Jaguar Cars' original vintage scarce mid 1950s ring loop keyring - collectors item

NOW SOLD – Sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered.

One of the most sought after Jaguar keyrings and consequently highly valued – particularly in the superb condition that this one is in.

The badge on this keyring was also produced at the time as a simple badge with an eye for attachment of a link possibly for mounting onto a bracelet as a ‘charm’.This version does appear from time to time and is in much more plentiful supply than the keyring version described and listed here.

We have only ever offered two other examples of this keyring in the 10 years in which Classic Leather Fobs Ltd has been in business. Both of these were sold to collectors who had already registered an interest should any ever appear.

This keyring dates from the early 1950s and is an example of one of the very first automotive keyrings which were ever produced.

We do not know of anything produced earlier than this. This keyring was made before leather keyrings were produced for use with cars – the first examples of those being torpedo keyrings in the mid 1950s.

Stamped ‘Made in England’ on the reverse. It may be that Castles Unit Developments in Castle Gate, Leicester made these before starting production of their famous CUD torpedo keyrings- they always used the stamp ‘Made in England’.

Or maybe they were produced by a badgemaking concern in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. So few were ever produced that it is doubtful if we will ever know.

The vitreous enamelling on this keyring is in virtually mint condition. The nickel plating has worn over the sharp detailing on the growler’s face – as will always be the case with a keyring which has seen a little use. A little light wear such as this is part of the charm of a vintage item.

The method by which these were attached to the ignition key is fairly obvious from the photos :- the sprung clip is detached from the ‘keep’ on the back of the keyring : the ignition key is threaded onto the clip and the clip is then sprung back into position in the ‘keep’.  The sprung clip is made of plated tensile steel and has a good degree of tension. There is very little chance of it springing open to lose the key.

Original & correct for use with 1948-1954 Jaguar XK 120 roadster and 1951 – 1954 drophead coupe.

A fabulous item and most certainly classed as ‘Jaguar Jewellery’ in our opinion.

It is no secret amongst the Jaguar fraternity that Bud Marston in Virginia USA will shortly publish his long awaited book on the subject of Jaguar keyrings.

Such a variety of keyrings have been produced for Jaguar motor cars over the years that Bud has found no difficulty in filling a book with information and photographs.

He has spent the last few years diligently researching his subject and uncovering  information about the keyrings and sadly mostly now defunct manufacturers.

Professional photography has been employed and we know that the work will astonish and delight it’s readers. A spin off of the book is bound to be increased interest and demand for vintage Jaguar keyrings .

We would much rather have our money invested in a keyring like this than in a bank – but sadly we must consider keyrings as our merchandise and not items to be hoarded in our own private collection !

A couple of months ago a seller in the UK contacted us with a view to selling us one of these keyrings.

He was not inclined to send the keyring to us on approval for us to verify condition & authenticity and listed the keyring for sale on ebay instead.

To our amazement the keyring sold for just under £2,000 to a buyer in USA.

The keyring in the photos in this listing is the actual one which you will receive.

When this keyring has been sold – then this listing will be cancelled.

Such is the current market for original early Jaguar vintage items such as these that it is most unlikely that we will ever be in a position to offer similar items again in the future at this price – particularly when Bud Marston’s book is published in the Summer of 2018 !

Bud will have researched this particular XK120 keyring in much greater depth than us – and many more details will doubtless be revealed about these scarce keyrings in his book.