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Jaguar - original vintage 1950s? acrylic keyring - collector's item

NOW SOLD – sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

Over the years we have listed and sold several Jaguar keyrings of which we have only ever seen one example.

This keyring is not only one that we have never seen another example of but is also the only example which Bud Marston has ever seen !

Bud is of course the author of ‘Vintage Jaguar keyrings’ which is featured at the beginning of our Jaguar section here in this website shop.

This example is the actual one shown and described in Bud’s book – we sent it to him when he was writing the book.

It is a keyring which we have owned for many years and have only just decided to release from our reference collection .

The keyring is in excellent condition with an acrylic badge mounted within a plated metal mount and suspended by means of 3 very strong chain links to a large splitring.

The badge measures 35mm ( almost 1.5″ ) in diameter.

We would think that this will be one of the very first acrylic badged keyrings ever made – these acrylic badges have now stood the test of time incredibly well and do have the advantage that if you drop them onto a hard surface the badge will not chip like vitreous enamel badges tend to .

Very difficult to date – but we would think this keyring will date from the 1950s.

By the 1960s acrylic badges on keyrings were becoming much commoner.

Bud describes this keyring as a beautiful yellow Growler example with superb fabrication evident in the concave black border and the flush acrylic centre portion.

The back of the keyring is marked ‘GD’ with a capital ‘C’ within a circle.

Bud has agonised over similar marks on other keyrings but despite spending a lot of time researching has never found any clues as to the makers .

He has suggested the capital ‘C’ within the circle could relate to a copyright .

If Bud has been unable to decipher the details then there is not much hope that we can do any better !

A Jaguar keyring which is in a class of it’s own as regards rarity and would be one of the principal exhibits in a serious collection of Jaguar keyrings .

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled. 00/575          04/20