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Jaguar - original vintage 1950s enamel lapel badge - collector's item


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This listing features an original Jaguar lapel badge which dates from the 1950s.

This is the second one which we have listed over the last 10 years – we did list and sell another one some time back.

The badge is in excellent condition with black, white & translucent red vitreous enamel on a gilt base.

Please note that this is a very small item ( measures just 25mm x 15mm ) which has been photographed at very high resolution – when viewed at life size with the naked eye it appears almost perfect .

Due to the high resolution photography – when viewed enlarged many times in the website shop imperfections in the enamelling are revealed which are just not visible to the naked eye.

For instance – view some black print typed onto white paper – this will appear perfect to the naked eye but enlarging the image reveals a very different story with black ink having bled from the print edges into the grain of the paper.  Our limited photographic skills were tested photographing this item in any case.

The badge has a horse-shoe shaped fitment on the back designed to fit through the buttonhole in a sports jacket lapel.

The badge is very small – measuring 25mm x 15mm  ( 1″ x  5/8″ )  which ensured that the wearer of the badge could be identified discreetly by other Jaguar owners but not be guilty of the rude display seen nowadays with garish tee-shirts proclaiming ownership ( or proving non-ownership !! ) of prestige marques.

Jaguar owners in the 1950s were more likely to be wearing sports jackets than tee-shirts which they would have regarded as undergarments anyway !

No maker’s name – but the badge will almost certainly have been made in Birmingham – there were many small jewellery grade enamellers and badgemaking concerns in the city at that time. Sadly most did not see the 1960s out.

We strive to be in a position to list original vintage Jaguar items here in our website shop – but only ever have a couple to offer at any one time due to their scarcity and value which continues to rise.

Bud Marston in Virginia USA has recently published his most accomplished book on the subject of Vintage Jaguar keyrings ( there have been so many different designs of keyring for just this one marque )

The book is featured at the beginning of our Jaguar section in this website shop.

Bud has devoted painstaking research to his subject in addition to amassing a large  collection of Jaguar keyrings for reference purposes.

When we list an original vintage Jaguar item like this one – we will usually get Bud’s opinion on it.

Here is what he had to say about this one – and we are very grateful to Bud for his opinion :-

“Your lapel badge looks identical in appearance and size to a badge mounted onto a keyfob which I own as well as several similar ones.

 I placed my three fobs with this identical badge in my chapter on the 1950s because the Jaguar Wings logo was popular in that decade.

Also, the Wings logo with red enamel center background appears in the first Jaguar sales literature used in North America for the Mark IV saloon (1945 – 48), possibly dating your Jaguar lapel badge to the late 1940s”

The lapel badge in the photos is the actual one which you will receive .

When it has been sold this listing will cancel.