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Jaguar - original vintage 1960s new old stock red-on-red growler CUD torpedo keyring - collector's item

Sorry – these keyrings have now all been sold and can no longer be ordered

The photos of the single keyring in this listing show the actual keyring which you will receive.

Very close inspection of the actual keyring in this listing reveals very slight overlay of red enamel onto the Jaguar Growler’s face as can be seen in the enlarged high resolution listing photos. This is not a ‘flaw’ as such – it is typical of how these hand laid vitreous enamel badges were made at the time – over 50 years ago.

We did very recently have several of these keyrings listed for sale as described in detail below – all have now been sold apart from this very last example.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled and we never expect to be in a position to offer original new old stock Jaguar CUD torpedo keyrings at this price again.

We are not surprised that they have sold so quickly at this price – 4 actually sold in one week !

We have recently received these original new old stock Jaguar torpedo keyrings which were produced in the 1960s.

This is the only time in the last 10 years that we have ever come into possession of several new old stock Jaguar keyrings all together like these – and consider ourselves very fortunate.

Original Jaguar torpedo keyrings of this quality have previously only appeared one at a time – and very rarely even then !

We have previously only ever offered a few original Jaguar torpedo keyrings of one design or another in this website shop over the last 10 years – almost none were new old stock like these.

These keyrings represent a very considerable outlay for a small Company like ours – the vendor was well aware of their value and we very much doubt if several keyrings like these have ever appeared together in this condition in recent times.

These are original new old stock Jaguar torpedo keyrings dating from the 1960s – how many of these are still in existence in this condition after over 50 years ?

These keyrings are in mint condition with the vitreous enamel badge mounted onto torpedo keyfobs in genuine black leather which is gold embossed with the supplying dealership’s details – the very well known Appleyard Turf Motors Ltd Jaguar dealership based in Bradford England.

These keyrings would have accompanied brand new Jaguar cars sold from the dealership and also their range of selected used Jaguar cars  – in which case they would have been issued with cars dating from the late 1950s right through to the late 1960s- including Jaguar Mk I & II saloons, Mk X & S type saloon, XK150, early 1961-1964 3.8 E-type, 1964 onwards E type, 420 saloon & 240/340 saloon.

Close inspection of the vitreous enamel badges does show some slight variation as always happened with these early badges – the enamel was hand laid and no 2 badges ever came out of the kiln exactly the same.

The leather keyfobs are made of what was termed ‘Morocco leather’ at the time – this was goatskin which has a very fine ‘pebbly’ appearance as can be seen in the enlarged high resolution photos.

The keyrings were made by Castles Unit Developments ( CUD ) of Castle Gate, Leicester – their CUD mark is cast into the back of the badges.

Most of CUD’s production of Jaguar torpedo keyrings at the time was for dealers – consequently most examples have dealership details embossed onto them – in this case Appleyards .

Similar keyrings are shown and described in Bud Marston’s ‘ Vintage Jaguar Keyrings ‘ book featured at the beginning of our Jaguar section in this website shop including examples embossed with Appleyard’s details .

Bud has seen this listing for these keyrings and has made the following comment :-

“Wow!  Quite an absolutely remarkable group of beautiful NOS CUD Jaguar keyrings!! 

I only spotted 3 of these in more than 5 years of searches. Fantastic acquisition. 

(Several of these appear in my book: pp 135, 178, and 265.     Of course the items in my book are far from immaculate.)

Your keyrings are described in a 1960s CUD Limited, Leicester catalog as ‘KEY GUARD’ in ‘oblong black morocco’ for a price of 6/6d.”

In his book Bud states that the Castles red-on-red growler torpedo keyfob almost never appears for sale .

Here in this website shop we have listed just a couple of examples of similar examples over the last 10 years – both of these had Appleyard Rippon’s details embossed .

In the 1960s Appleyards were the principle distributors for Jaguar cars in the North of England – similar to Henlys in the South of England.

At that time there were many very large industrial Companies in the North of England whose senior management chose Jaguar motor cars just as senior management tend to gravitate to top of the range BMWs & Range Rovers etc nowadays.

Appleyard’s North Street Garage opened in Leeds in 1927 on a most extensive site which extended through to Roseville Road .

Later on the Roseville Road end of the site became known locally as ‘The Jag end ” due to it becoming the largest Jaguar showroom in the North of England.

Ian Appleyard was married to the daughter of Sir William Lyons who was the chairman of the Jaguar empire.

The business sadly closed in the 1980s having become the largest single floor garage & showroom in Europe.

Original new old stock Jaguar torpedo keyrings of this quality routinely sell for prices well in excess of £1,000 ( on the very odd occasions when they have appeared for sale )  – sometimes more when 2 keen bidders contest a keyring on an internet auction site such as ebay .

However we are listing these keyrings at a price which simply gives us the return that we need.