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Jaguar XK120 etc – original vintage mid 1950s keychain badge in worn condition with new keychain attached

NOW SOLD – sorry this keychain has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

An original Jaguar keychain badge in worn condition which will have been produced in the mid 1950s which we have attached to a brand new nickel plated keychain 

When this keychain badge and new keychain has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

This original vitreous enamel Jaguar keychain badge is in worn condition as can be seen in the photos.

The cream vitreous enamel surrounding the Jaguar growler head is in excellent condition but the translucent golden enamel has areas of enamel missing altogether and associated enamel chipping – all of which can be seen in the enlarged high resolution listing photos .

The nickel plating on the high areas of the growler head has disappeared together with much of the rest of the original nickel plating .

What nickel plating remains is generally tarnished .

The nickel plating on the reverse of the badge has disappeared completely leaving a rather pleasing finish rather similar to that seen on old damascus barrels on shotguns from Victorian times .

The original keychain was no longer in a serviceable condition so we have replaced this with a brand new nickel plated keychain which is itself a vintage item ( not a new reproduction item )

These keychains were among the very first car keyrings which were ever produced – we have never seen any for any make of vehicle that are older.

They preceded the keyrings with leather keyfobs which started to make an appearance in the very late 1950s.

This keychain badge would probably have been originally intended to be purchased for use with any mid 1950s Jaguar motor car – including 1949-1954 XK120 – the badge closely resembles the XK120 bonnet badge.

Keychains with badges like this one are well documented in Bud Marston’s ‘Vintage Jaguar Keyrings’ book which is featured at the beginning oy our Jaguar section here in this website shop.

If you have a Jaguar motor car dating from the mid 1950s – then this is a very rare opportunity to purchase a keychain badge which is absolutely original & date correct for your car at a very good price – provided you are happy to accept the condition which the badge is in .

A few years ago badges in this condition would not have been considered saleable but the market has changed very dramatically .

Nowadays many customers do much prefer a badge or keyring which has ‘had a life ‘ rather than one in new old stock perfection – and the value of original Jaguar keyrings has risen to the extent that original Jaguar badges and keyrings in patinated condition like this one are now valuable items .

We are currently listing a similar new old stock Jaguar keychain ( unless now sold ) – but this is at a very considerably higher price than this example !

Venerable old badges like this one began life 65 years ago connected to a snakechain as a pristine new item and dangling from the ignition of a similarly pristine condition new Jaguar car as the ignition was turned on for the very first time .

Fast forward almost a lifetime and that same badge still dangles from a Jaguar ignition as that switch is turned off for the very last time.

During that lifetime the badge has travelled over countless thousands of miles probably in several Jaguar cars but often with the same driver .

It has only been as a result of repairing many hundreds of keyrings for customers over the years that we have begun to realise the significance of these aged jewels and the sentimental importance that they are held in by their owners irrespective of condition .

Badges like this one have often become talismans which have accompanied  their owner on all their journeys through their lives .

The keychain in the photos is the actual one which you will receive. SMOSO   00/591     06/22