Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Jensen - 1960s design vitreous enamel badge keyring



The badge on these keyrings is a perfect reproduction of the original badge mounted onto an original Jensen keyring which is held in our reference collection – an original keyring with this badge can be seen in a reference listing here in this Jensen section of our website shop.

Our reproduction badge has been made to exactly the same design and dimensions as the original and is also nickel plated and in vitreous enamel – just like the original.

The original keyring and badge were made by the very well known Manhattan Windsor badgemaking Co. of Birmingham and Manhattan Windsor’s trademark was cast into the back of the badge.

The back of our reproduction badge has been left unmarked in polished nickel plate as it is not our intention that our badge could ever be confused with an original badge.

We are offering the badge mounted onto our teardrop, slimline teardrop and classic rectangular keyfob shapes – and in all of our leather colours.

The keyrings would originally only have been available in black leather -so if original appearance is important then black leather should be specified.