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John Deere - classic badge remounted onto one of our 'heavy duty' leather keyfobs


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We do not have a licence to produce any of the John Deere logos or badges and there are no keyrings for sale in this website shop which have John Deere badges which have been made by us.

The badges mounted onto these keyrings have been bought in from another supplier.

3 keyrings left

We have just 5 keyrings to offer with this badge .

We have made keyrings for tractors as special orders before when customers have sent us badges for mounting ( usually for grey Ferguson ).

In this case a lady in our village wanted a keyring for a local farmer who can usually be seen around the village working with tractors & other machines of various makes and vintages but had ‘treated himself’ to a rather posh John Deere.

The lady wanted to commemorate the occasion with a keyring for the new tractor so we found a badge and a keyring was duly made.

Whilst we were at it we bought a few John Deere badges and have remounted them onto our own ‘heavy duty’ solid leather handmade and handstitched keyfobs as can be seen in the photo.

In the meantime amongst our local farmer’s many talents……… looking after things particularly well is not on the list – so it may well be that his keyring has already been lost in a muddy puddle or been eaten by his dog – in which case one of the keyrings will have to be taken off sale to replace the original one !