Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Land Rover - original vintage 1960s Melsom Birmingham keychain - collector's item

NOW SOLD – sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

 Probably one of the earliest keyrings ever produced for use with the Land Rover – this is only the 3rd one which we have ever seen in the last 10 years.

The oval badge is only 25mm ( 1″) across – very small – and the key chain is just under 75mm ( 3″) in length.

Please note that this is a very small item which has been photographed at high resolution which can reveal imperfections which are invisible when viewed with the naked eye !

For instance – view some black print typed onto white paper – this will appear perfect to the naked eye but enlarging the image reveals a very different story with black ink having bled from the print edges into the grain of the paper.  Our limited photographic skills were tested photographing this item in any case.

An area of nickel plating around the edge of the badge between 3 o’clock & 6 0’clock on the face of the badge has flaked off and the plating on the ‘ER’ of ‘ROVER’ is very thin and dull – this can be seen in the photos.

The other keyrings which we have seen all had similar imperfections – it seems that none were perfect.

Made by the very well known Melsom Products of Birmingham who were the principal manufacturer of automotive keyrings in the 1960s. The fact that the badge is stamped with their details dates the keyring to the 1960s.

This keyring would be original & correct for use with Series II & Series III Land Rover .

It could also probably have been bought at the time by the owner of a Series I vehicle as it could have been the first keyring available at the time – bought to use in a vehicle which had never had a keyring before as none had been available.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will cancel. 59/93           06/20