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Lotus - classic black vitreous enamel badge keyring



We are not licensed by Lotus to produce any of their logos and badge designs and none of the keyrings offered for sale in this website shop feature Lotus badges which have been made by us.

The vitreous enamel badges which we mount onto these keyrings were still available until relatively recently and we do still have stocks of those badges .

Lotus used this black logo on their cars as a mark of respect for a very short time in 1968 after the death of world champion driver Jim Clarke.

Then late in 2010 it was used again very briefly to commemorate the retirement of Roger Becker – Lotus’ Director of Vehicle Engineering. This time it appeared only as a nose badge on the special edition Elise SC RGB and Exige S RGB.

Lotus legend tells us that Roger always wanted to use the black enamel badge on other ‘specials’ – but was always refused.
His wish was finally granted to mark his retirement after 44 years with Lotus.

An original keyring dating from 1968 is held in our reference collection and can be seen on the ‘examples of original keyrings’ page of the GALLERY on this website.

This black vitreous enamel badge is available mounted onto our teardrop, slimline teardrop, shield and classic rectangular keyfob shapes and is available in all the leather colours.

Having said that – black leather is almost always specified by our customers for this keyring.