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LOTUS - Tony Thompson's late 1960s badge remake from the original die.



We are delighted to have been commissioned by Tony Thompson of Tony Thompson Racing, Melton Mowbray UK – – to produce this keyring.

Tony is very well known for producing parts for period Lotus cars and supplies Lotus themselves with chassis components.

He loaned us an original example of a late 1960s / early 1970s Lotus keyfob enamel badge mounted onto the original tan leather slimline teardrop fob so that we could make this exact reproduction.

The original manufacturer of those vitreous enamel badges was contacted and the die that was used in the late 1960s was still in the box – so these remakes have been cast from that original die !

These Lotus enamel badges had been made thinner (just 1.60mm thick) and lighter than regular enamel badges of the time – for speed add lightness as Colin Chapman said.

Our reproductions have been made to exactly this thickness .

The vitreous enamelling is in the exact same solid lemon yellow and translucent emerald green enamel which was used over 40 years ago.

The slimline leather fob is to the exact dimensions as the originals which were made by the famous Keyflix Co. These are known to have been available in tan and black leather – and possibly also green leather.
Please note that this enamel badge is only available mounted onto the slimline teardrop leather fob shape shown in the images and also onto the classic rectangular fob shape.

You can order this keyring from us or directly from Tony Thompson .

Tony re-ordered another 20 keyrings from us recently – he does sell rather more than we do !!

Here is what Tim in Great Dunmow, Essex had to say about the Tony Thompson Lotus keyring which we made him in August 2019 :-

Hi Richard

The fob has just been delivered. I had great pleasure in releasing it from your nicely wrapped casing. It was also especially pleasant to receive your handwritten note in ink.

I am indeed delighted with the fob you have crafted. I’m also grateful that Tony Thompson took the time to work with you to make these small but importantly tactile elements of the driving experience. I truly admire your leather craftsmanship and thank you very much.

Very best wishes,