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Maserati – original vintage 1970s Alexander keyring – collector’s item


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An original Maserati keyring which will have been produced in the 1970s .

We have just this one example of this keyring to offer – when this keyring has been sold this listing will be cancelled .

This original Maserati keyring will have been produced in the 1970s and is an early example of a keyring produced with the badges rivetted to the keyfob with an aluminium rivet .

This method of producing keyrings carried on into the 1990s and in some cases into the early 2000s – but not with keyfobs in genuine leather like this one .

This keyring was produced by Alexander Accessories in England – Alexanders produced good quality keyrings, aftermarket steering wheels and a range of other motoring accessories at the time

Almost all keyrings for the world’s cars were made in England in the 1960s & 1970s – it was quite an industry .

This keyring is in very good condition apart from the nickel plating on the badge – the underlying copper alloy base metal can be seen through the nickel plating giving a pitted appearance .

We have listed a couple of other Maserati keyrings with this badge some time back and they both were similarly affected – the last one being listed and sold in December 2021.

This can be very readily seen in the enlarged high resolution listing photos – viewed at life size the pitting is not so visible and the badge simply looks to have some age-related patina.

The badge is mounted onto a keyfob in genuine black leather with the badge secured to the keyfob by means of an aluminium rivet as already described.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.