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MG ( MGA ) – original vintage late 1950s/ 1960s ignition keyfob


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An original MG leather ignition keyfob which will have been produced in the late 1950s or very early 1960s .

We have just this one example of this keyfob to offer – when it has been sold this listing will be cancelled .

This is only the 3rd example of one of these original MG leather keyfobs which we have ever listed over the years .

We have seen 2 or 3 others – but they have been worn to such a degree as to be no longer usable .

This example is in new condition and has obviously never been used – probably spent it’s life in the glovebox !

MG cars in the 1950s and through into the 1960s were supplied with one of these little keyfobs which were produced in the same leather used in the upholstery in the car .

The ones which we have seen came from MGAs but they were probably also supplied with MGTF and Magnettes .

This particular one is in dark tan leather gold embossed¬† ‘REAL ENGLISH LEATHER IS USED IN THIS UPHOLSTERY ‘

The ignition key neatly folded back into the keyfob .

The Wilmot Breedon ignition key fitted to this keyfob is FS 954 – but the rivet could be removed ( drilled out ) and your own ignition key could then be inserted with a fresh rivet .

Or the keyfob could simply be stored in your car’s glovebox to continue it’s slumbers as a conversation piece !

We have also seen examples of excellent reproductions of these keyfobs but they had been produced from dyed through leather ( the surface of the leather and the underlying flesh side were all the same colour )

The underside of the leather ( the flesh side ) which this keyfob has been produced from is in natural coloured leather – it is only the top surface which has received dye .

This small detail and the original rivet & key are the hall marks of an original item.

The keyfob in the photos is the actual one which you will receive .