Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

MGB - classic vitreous enamel badge keyring



It has taken us a very long time ……………..but we have finally got there after almost 10 years !

And we are very pleased to report that our ‘new’ MGB keyrings have been very well received by MGB owners all over the world.

It was always our intention to make a dedicated keyring for MGB but we were very fussy as to how it should be .

Many years ago we had seen just one example of an original MGB keyring with a badge in a most attractive red and black vitreous enamel.

This was a rare survivor of a keyring which had been produced in the late 1960s by one small badgemaking concern in the Birmingham area- specifically for use with MGB.

We let that keyring slip through our fingers and it has taken this long for another example to appear – very few could have originally been made.

Whilst waiting for another red and black enamel example to appear – we have seen just a few original keyrings over the years with badges just in plain black enamel.

In fact one of those is currently listed here in this website shop unless now sold.

We have also seen a few modern reproductions with ultra thin badges in plastic resin based enamel with imitation leather keyfobs on internet auction sites – which are not the same thing at all.

So we have finally found a genuine original keyring with a badge which we could base our own reproduction on.

Here is our reproduction keyring – with the polished nickel plated badge made using genuine vitreous enamel – just as these badges were made around 50 years ago.

The badge is offered mounted onto our handmade and handstitched leather keyfobs in teardrop, slimline teardrop and classic rectangular keyfob shapes and in all of our leather colours.

What is probably the most successful and popular classic sportscar in the world must deserve this superb keyring !