Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Mini Cooper - standard keyring


The only keyfob enamel badge which was ever originally produced at the time for Mini Cooper seems to have been this design of badge :-

We have very occasionally come across original examples – usually in a damaged condition like this one :-

The keyring in this listing is our original reproduction of this badge which is a faithful copy of the badge with nickel plating and solid black and translucent ruby red hard enamel .

However – many customers asked for the badge to be produced in genuine vitreous enamel like the originals – which we have now done and the keyrings with this badge are listed elsewhere in this Mini Cooper section of our website shop priced at £29.95 each.

Apart from vitreous enamel being the original material which the badges were made from, the modern resin based hard enamel badges mounted onto the keyrings in this listing do have one very real advantage……….. if you drop the keyring onto a concrete floor then the badge is much less likely to be damaged as vitreous enamel badges usually finish up with a chip or crack in the enamel if you are unlucky !

You would be hard pressed to tell the difference between vitreous and modern hard enamel anyway even with the 2 badges side by side !

This badge is original & correct for use with any 1960s or very early 1970s Mini Cooper and we know that customers do buy these keyrings to use with the later Mini Coopers as well – to give a touch of authenticity to the later cars.