Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Moto Guzzi - modern reproduction badge mounted onto a new leather keyfob



We do not have a licence to produce our own Moto Guzzi keyfob badges .

None of the Moto Guzzi keyrings listed in this website shop have Moto Guzzi keyfob badges which have been made by us .

The badges used on these keyrings are produced in modern hard resin based enamel – they are not in vitreous enamel as the original 1980s examples would have been.

These badges were still available to us recently from another supplier and we mount them onto our own leather keyfobs as can be seen in the photos.

Quality of reproduction is superb .

The badges are offered mounted onto our hand made & hand stitched classic rectangular and slimline teardrop keyfobs in any of the leather colours – as shown in the photos.

The badges are also offered mounted onto the triangular keyfob shape as shown in the photos – as we have received requests for this from some owners in USA.