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National Benzole - vitreous enamel badge keyring



This listing is to buy our National Benzole keyring with the badge inlaid into the leather keyfob as shown in the listing images.

This keyring was the very first keyring which we ever made and will probably be the last – it has become our statement keyring and many hundreds have been sold.

We have used and tested many other examples of our keyrings with our own cars but have always eventually gone back to using this very keyring !

This National Benzole keyring is a talisman which always travels with us and with all those customers who have bought one .

National Benzole was a petroleum brand in the United Kingdom from 1919 to 1957 when it merged with Shell-Mex & BP Ltd.

National Benzole’s Mr. Mercury in his winged helmet became one of the most powerful marketing images of the 20th Century- instantly recognisable.

It became a symbol of all that was good and trusted in motoring at that time – almost like The Bank of England.

We still look at that badge with that familiar winged helmet profile and wistfully think that image and what it represents can never be bettered.

National Benzole keyrings were distributed in colossal quantities in the 1950s and our key ring featuring the original design from 1953 is a worthy addition to any 1950s or 1960s motor car – countless thousands of cars used a National Benzole keyring at the time .

National Benzole keyrings were made to be used – and used in anger they were along the highways & byways of Britain and much of Europe before motorways began to be built.

This badge is a talisman of motoring days long gone before motoring as it was then became the chore that it is now with ever increasing congested roads and confusing speed limits .

In buying this keyring you are buying a dream which will never return.

Many customers buy these keyrings to use as a  ‘retro’ keyring in a much more modern car – and we cannot think of a better nostalgic choice.

Available mounted inlaid into our teardrop, shield and classic rectangular keyfob shapes and in all of our leather colours.