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Norton - reproduction black enamel 'drop' badge keyring



We do not hold a licence to produce Norton keyfob badges and no Norton badges which have been made by us are offered for sale in this website shop.

The badges mounted onto these keyrings were bought from another supplier in USA .

After all these years we have finally found just a few examples of the classic Norton ‘drop’ badge………………………………..from a supplier in USA !

This is a reproduction in modern resin based enamel of the classic Norton badge which was used on motorcycle keyrings in the 1960s.

Original ‘drop’ badges ( or any Norton motorcycle keyfob badge ! ) very rarely turn up – when they do they are usually in such poor condition that it is not worth remounting them. Norton keyrings were used in anger on open bikes in all weathers and did not survive well !

We have never made our own reproductions of this badge as it is known that Norton take a very dim view of anyone reproducing their logo – and we do not have a licence- which is fair enough.

This listing is limited as we only have 8 badges – when these have been mounted and sold then this listing will cancel.

Offered mounted onto our slimline teardrop keyfobs as shown in the photos – and available in all of our leather colours.

Our keyrings with these reproduction badges are about as close as you will get to the original.