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NOW SOLD -Jaguar original vintage late 1950s Elsma T-Bone keyring - collector's item

Sorry – this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

This is one of the rarest of all 1950s/1960s Jaguar keyrings – and only the 2nd example which we have ever seen over the last 10 years.

The keyring is in serviceable condition but we would regard it as being ‘for Sunday use only’ such is it’s rarity and historic importance.

The nickel plated badge with cobalt blue vitreous enamelling surrounding the ‘JAGUAR’ central detail is in excellent condition – the nickel plating on the raised edge of the badge is wearing thin but still intact and not worn through as might usually happen with a badge of this age which has seen considerable use.

The raised edge has done a good job of protecting the more delicate standing wings elements of the badge design within.

Under a powerful lens the cobalt blue vitreous enamel can be seen to have minute imperfections – but none visible when viewed at life size with the naked eye.

The genuine leather keyfob is of thin leather and it’s appearance does suggest that it will be pigskin – but many years of use have polished away any pigskin grain detail .

The leather keyfob itself is still in sound condition although with a worn and polished surface as a result of all those years of use.

The relatively heavy badge is still very strongly attached to the main keyfob by means of the little leather mounting hinge. 00/545

The thin leather strap on the top of the keyfob securing the splitring to the keyfob is rather worn and for this reason we would consider this keyring as being a collector’s item or for very occasional use. If the keyring were subjected to daily use then this splitring strap would probably soon wear through.

It is not clear how this splitring strap is actually secured to the back of the keyfob – there is evidence of stitching there and all seems secure so we have not investigated further.

The base of the back of the keyfob is gold embossed ‘ Elsma Made in England’ – although this is now rather difficult to distinguish.

We have described the condition of this keyring in some detail as it is important that any potential purchaser fully understands that this is a very rare collector’s item and not a keyring for daily use and our price takes all this into account. If this keyring were in pristine condition then the price would be very substantially more.

Incidentally we have listed and sold many rare keyrings in very much worse condition than this one !

We do know that our customers fully understand that these items are seldom in mint un-used condition.

Bud Marston’s ‘Vintage Jaguar Keyrings’ book ( featured at the beginning of this Jaguar section in our website shop ) does describe this keyring although Bud’s example has a chain and clasp rather than a splitring – Bud has actually chosen this very keyring as the illustration for the cover of his book !

In his description Bud describes these keyrings as being exceedingly rare and also includes a photograph and photo of a later mid 1960s version of the same keyring.

When we are about to list a ‘significant’ vintage Jaguar keyring like this one we like to send the listing to Bud for his comments prior to the keyring ‘going live’ in our website shop – and his comments are as follows :-

Bud’s own example is in better condition than ours and Bud says that he rates this keyring as being among the most important half dozen items in his very considerable collection – the badge being of a striking design featuring the 1950s Standing Jaguar Wings with wonderful blue enamel.

This one that we are now listing is only the 2nd one that he has seen over the last 8 years ( his own example being the 1st one )

We would like to point out that whilst almost all collectors of Jaguar keyrings aspire to having at least one ( or more !) original 1960s CUD torpedo keyrings in their collections almost none will have an original example of this keyring.

1960s Jaguar torpedo keyrings in similar condition are likely to be priced at substantially more than this keyring – but are relatively commonplace in comparison !

We are almost sure that we will never seen another example.

The keyring in the photos is the actual keyring which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled.