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Porsche - original late 1960s Alexander vitreous enamel badge remounted onto new leather keyfob

NOW SOLD – Sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

This keyring has an original Alexander badgemakers Porsche keyfob badge which dates from the late 1960s or possibly the very early 1970s and is probably one of the nicest original badge Porsche keyrings which we have ever listed.

The vitreous enamel badge is in lovely condition- almost mint – apart from a tiny grey flaw in the black enamel in the lower left hand segment which can be seen in the photos ( hardly noticeable when viewed at life size )

This tiny flaw will have been there since the badge was fired almost 50 years ago – tiny enamel flaws were commonplace in hand laid vitreous enamel at that time.

It is only since modern resin based enamel has come to the fore that consistent perfection has been achieved- but resin based enamel is just not the same as vitreous enamel which was jewellery grade.

Our own badges are still made using jewellery grade vitreous enamel and many of these have to be rejected due to flaws.

Early Porsche vitreous enamel badges very rarely turn up at all – let alone in this condition- and the badge is offered mounted onto one of our classic keyfobs in full grain black hide.

Very few Porsche keyfob badges were made in the 1960s – those few that were made were made by Castles Unit Development Co. of Leicester and then later by Alexanders and Manhattan Windsor.

Interestingly this Alexanders badge is virtually the same as the earlier CUD badge – it may be that Alexanders used the same die that CUD had been using but simply changed the name detail on the back of the badge.

Both Castles and then Alexanders at that time were making keyrings for many makes of car and keyrings were being sent all over the world from the UK – it was quite an industry.

So far as we are aware no Porsche keyrings as such were being made in Germany in the 1960s – the German enamel badged keyrings followed on later in the 1970s.

All that was being produced in Germany at that time were leather key pouches for the Porsche 356. Original examples of those are a very valuable rarity although good reproductions do appear on ebay from time to time ( not made by us  )

This Alexanders badge is original & correct for use with any 1960s or very early 1970s Porsche motor car including 911, 912 & later 356.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to be in a position to offer original Porsche keyfob badges like this one – those few that do appear in any condition ( let alone virtually mint condition like this one ) are now eagerly sought after and commanding increasingly high prices in line with the prices of the 1960s & 1970s cars themselves.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will cancel. 00/593  ( 00/053 accepted 11/19 )