Original Vintage & Restored Leather Keyrings for Classic Cars & Motorcycles


Porsche – original late 1960s/ early 1970s vitreous enamel keyfob badge inlaid into a new leather keyfob

NOW SOLD – sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

An original Porsche keyfob badge which will have been produced in the late 1960s or early 1970s which we have inlaid into a new leather keyfob as can be seen in the photos .

Just this one keyring to offer with this inlaid badge – when this keyring has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

This badge came to us recently but on arrival we were rather disappointed ( to say the least ) to find that unfortunately the original owner had trimmed the little metal loop off the top which had previously held the leather strap which retained the badge onto the original keyfob ( and considerably reduced the high value of the badge accordingly )

Thankfully he had made a very neat job and had not damaged the badge- so we carried on from where he had left off !

The vitreous enamel badge is in exceptionally good condition and the final 2 listing photos show it as it came to us.

It has ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ cast into the reverse of the badge but of course this is no longer visible as we have bonded the badge onto a baseplate in order to inlay it into the new leather keyfob.

The value of these original vintage Porsche keyrings & keyfob badges has shot up over the last couple of years – so here is an opportunity to buy one of these badges in a very useable keyring at a price of well below 50% of the price of a keyring with an almost identical original un-molested badge listed here in the Porsche section of this website shop ( unless now sold )

This badge is original & correct for use with any late 1960s or early 1970s Porsche motor car.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive. SMOSO  00/571   12/21