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Porsche - original vintage early 1970s vitreous enamel badge keyring ( enamel chips & badge remounted onto new leather keyfob)

NOW SOLD – Sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

This keyring has an original Porsche keyring badge dating from the 1970s – Porsche keyrings and Porsche keyring badges of this vintage are very few and far between and we have only listed a handful of examples over the last few years.

The badge was made by Manhattan Windsor badgemakers of Birmingham at the time – in the 1960s and early 1970s most keyrings for the world’s cars were made in England – it was quite an industry.

Manhattan Windsor’s M over W logo is cast into the back of the badge.

It was only in the 1980s & 1990s that Porsche began to have their own keyrings made in Germany and then later in China.

It is interesting to note that the stippled finish on the back of this badge made in the early 1970s is the same as the stippled finish which appears later on Porsche’s own German made badges produced from the 1980s onwards- Porsche must have copied elements from these British made Manhattan Windsor badges.

This vitreous enamel badge has the top strip represented in white enamel – which is correct for the earlier cars.

Kevin Morfett of Historika confirms that the badge with the top white strip ceased to be used in 1973 – at the same time that impact bumpers were introduced.

The badge does have a small dent on the right hand side of the edge of the badge together with a chip in the red enamel – this can be seen in detail in the enlarged photos.

There are also other small enamel chips around the edge of the badge which can be seen in the enlarged photos.

The price of this keyring does take this into account. Whilst the dent and enamel chips are very obvious when examined in the enlarged photos it must be remembered that this is a small keyring and when viewed at life size the issues are not so obvious.

We are offering the badge mounted onto one of our new leather keyfobs in full grain black hide as can be seen in the photos. Obviously it would be preferable to have the badge mounted onto its original leather fob but in the case of any keyring from the 1970s which has received some use – the original leather keyfob had seen much better days and was no longer serviceable.

This keyring badge is a rare surviving example of what was actually being used in the cars at the time. Porsche motor cars have always been driven in anger and used throughout their lives – not kept as ornaments in a garage.

Consequently the original keyring will have had a hard life with the original leather keyfob wearing out . The badge is now remounted and ready for the next 45 years of service !

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will cancel.  00/59        02/20