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Porsche - original vintage late 1960s acrylic badged keyring - collector's item

NOW SOLD – Sorry this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

An original Porsche keyring which we would date as having been produced in the late 1960s  which is when acrylic badges first came into use.

Early Porsche keyrings are very rare items and very few seem to have been originally produced.

We have seen other keyrings for other makes of car with the distinctive design of this keyring – and some of those were easily dated to the late 1960s by the model of car which they had been made to represent.

The keyring is in the sort of condition that we like to see a vintage keyring in…………….in very good condition and perfectly serviceable for many years yet, but well worn in and looking it’s age.

The badge has a raised acrylic coating bonded onto a plated metal mount.

This acrylic coating has proved to have lasted well over the years with none of the chipping problems encountered with the more usual vitreous enamel badges mounted onto keyrings at the time.

The clear acrylic has yellowed slightly over the years but this just adds to the ‘mellow’ appearance of this keyring.

The badge is mounted onto a genuine leather keyfob in a burgundy colour which seems to have been favoured for Porsche leather keyrings at the time.

Many of the few original Porsche keyrings with leather keyfobs which have survived from the 1960s & 1970s have had burgundy leather keyfobs.

We can offer no explanation for this especially as the keyrings have been made by different manufacturers.

The leather hinge which secures the badge to the keyfob is attached to the main keyfob by means of a plated stud which will be threaded to accept the nickel plated dome nut on the front of the keyfob.

A novel method of attachment – but one which has been well tried and tested over the last 50 odd years.

This keyring will be original & correct for use with any late 1960s or early 1970s Porsche 911, 912 or 914.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled.  00/522      02/20