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Porsche - original vintage late 1960s/early 1970s Raydek vitreous enamel badge remounted onto a new leather keyfob



We have a number of these rare original Raydek vitreous enamel Porsche keyfob badges to offer remounted onto new keyfobs in full grain black leather as shown in the photos.

The badges are new old stock and had been in storage for almost 50 years – the vitreous enamelling was fine but we had them replated & polished by our badgemaker .

The badges were made in the very late 1960s or very early 1970s by Raydek of Birmingham.

Very little can be found out about Raydek – but we think that they replaced Melsom Products Ltd for a very short time when Melsom closed abruptly in the late 1960s .

We have seen very few other badges made by Raydek – odd BMW & AC Cobra badges sometimes crop up – so it may be that they aspired to produce keyrings just for prestige marques and disappeared without trace when the ‘salad days’ of leather keyrings with vitreous enamel badges finished in the early 1970s as fashions changed.

The badge is almost identical to the badge which Melsom produced at that time so it is reasonable to assume that Raydek came into possession of Melsom’s badge dies.

In the late 1960s most automotive keyrings for British & European cars were made in England by just a few manufacturers – of which Melsom Products had become the largest with the demise of  Castles Unit Development Co ( CUD ) .

Porsche motor cars were still relatively rare on UK roads at that time with the result that very few keyrings were made for Porsche at the time ( Porsche themselves did not have their own keyrings made until much later )

CUD had made a few Porsche torpedo keyrings in the early to mid 1960s and then Melsom Products made some shortly after that in the mid to late 1960s .

Maybe these Raydek badges were the very last of the Porsche badges produced in England – these do have the top bar in white enamel which is correct for Porsche cars up until the advent of the impact bumper cars in 1973.

Interestingly Raydek’s Birmingham ‘phone no. appears on the back of the badges – the 021 Birmingham telephone code began in 1966.

We are offering the badges mounted onto our slimline teardrop keyfobs in full grain black leather which is as the original example which we have in our reference collection is mounted ( see below ) but the badge can also be ordered mounted onto a classic rectangular keyfob as can be seen in the listing photos as we do know that many of our Porsche customers prefer this keyfob shape .

Interestingly the original example which we have in our reference collection has the exact same badge as listed here with Raydek’s name & ‘phone no. on the back – but is actually mounted onto a black leather keyfob bearing Melsom Product’s ‘keyflix’ stamp beneath the badge.

This bears out our assumption that Raydek may have taken over where Melsom Products left off and used the same badge die but with their own details on the back of the badge and even mounting their badges onto unused Melsom leather keyfobs.

This ties in as Heath & Machin’s  leather works in Walsall was known to mount most of Melsom’s badges onto leather keyfobs for them – and probably continued to mount Raydek’s badges similarly.

We are also listing original Melsom Products Ltd Porsche keyfob badges which look very similar to these Raydek badges in a separate listing here in this website shop .

The Melsom badges have been completely refurbished and are listed for sale remounted here in this website shop in a separate listing .

These look very similar for the reasons given above but will have been produced just a few years earlier.

Here is our original Porsche Raydek keyring with the badge mounted onto Melsom’s ‘keyflix’ leather keyfob :-