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Porsche - original vintage new old stock 1960s? embossed silver crest leather keyfob

NOW SOLD – this keyring has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

We have occasionally seen examples of these embossed Porsche leather keyfobs before but usually in very worn condition.

Never before have we seen any examples in this brand new old stock condition apart from just one more which came to us at the same time which is gold embossed and listed here in the website shop as well ( unless now sold )

This keyfob is in mint condition and is made from a high grade of genuine smooth black leather .

We would think that it will have been produced in the 1960s but cannot be sure in the absence of an enamel badge to provide a reliable means of dating.

The keyfob has the Porsche crest silver embossed onto one side.

In the 1960s almost all keyrings & keyfobs for the world’s cars were made in England – Porsche did not have it’s own keyrings made until much later.

Porsche motor cars were rare on British roads in the 1960s and for that reason most keyring manufacturers made very few Porsche keyrings – hence the rarity of original Porsche keyrings from the 1960s .

It may be that the manufacturer of these keyfobs decided to produce a few Porsche keyrings but did not want to go to the expense of having a die made for enamel badges – so just embossed the Porsche crest detail onto the keyfobs – a much cheaper option.

The leather keyfob has all the hallmarks of having been made by the Freeline Co. of Bristol who were quite prolific manufacturers of keyrings in the 1960s.

The particular grade of leather used is the same as was used by Freeline and the stitching has their distinctive machine stitching pattern ( note the dip in the top stitching line ) but of course we may never know for sure.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold this listing will be cancelled. 00/59           03/21