Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

REFERENCE ONLY - Porsche original vintage new old stock 1960s CUD ( Craftsman) torpedo keyring - collector's item

This keyring is not currently being listed for sale and is on view here for reference as this website & shop are used by owners of classic Porsche motor cars and other interested parties for reference purposes.

This is an original new old stock vintage Porsche torpedo keyring dating from the mid 1960s and is date correct for any 1960s Porsche motor car including late 356, and also 912 & 911.

The keyring has a jewellery grade vitreous enamel badge mounted onto a torpedo keyfob in genuine leather .

Being new old stock this keyring is in mint condition – just look at the quality of the enamelling in the photos !

This keyring is ‘the holy grail’ of keyrings for late 356 & early 912 & 911 and possibly one of the rarest and most highly sought after of all automotive keyrings.

The leather fob is interesting in that it is made using goatskin leather which was termed ‘Morocco leather’ at the time and is gold embossed ‘REAL MOROCCO -MADE IN ENGLAND’ on the back of the leather torpedo keyfob  – goatskin has a fine pebbly appearance as can be seen in the photos.

These torpedo keyrings were made by Castles Unit Developments of Castle Gate Leicester UK in the 1960s .

They were the only manufacturer making torpedo keyrings  – the torpedo was their signature shape and the badge has ‘CUD Made in England’ cast into the back.

The late 1960s examples of this keyring had ‘Craftsman’ cast into the back of the badge rather than ‘CUD’ – it is thought that CUD changed their name to Craftsman shortly before ceasing production altogether – an American connection has been rumoured but has so far not been substantiated.

We have seen these keyrings with the ‘Craftsman’ badge and an example of one of the badges marked ‘Craftsman’ has also been added at the end of the listing photos.

The Craftsman marked keyrings were identical in all other respects including having ‘REAL MOROCCO – MADE IN ENGLAND’ gold embossed onto the back of the leather torpedo keyfob.

In the 1960s all Porsche keyrings were made by independent firms – it was only in the 1980s that Porsche began to have it’s own keyrings made by Heubach in Germany.

Most keyrings for the world’s cars were made in England at the time – it was quite an industry.

Because Porsche motor cars were relatively scarce in Britain in the 1960s manufacturers like CUD did not make many Porsche keyrings – this is why keyrings for early Porsche cars are rare.

We constantly strive to be in a position to offer original period keyrings like this one for marques such as Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar  etc but this is becoming almost impossible due to the interest in these items and the values which have increased out of all proportion over the last 2 or 3 years.